onlineWhile it may be difficult to determine some of the trends in gambling in general and in the UK market in particular, one thing is certain: mobile gaming is growing stronger year after. A recent industry report has underscored that trend, pointing to the growth of mobile gaming in the UK amid dropping numbers of traditional online play.

The report was recently published by which looked into the online and mobile revenues of the UK’s leading bookmakers. The report studied five of the UK’s top bookmakers analysing their mobile growth, marketing campaigns and in-play betting services.

The report findings suggest that William Hill, the largest gambling operator in the UK, has seen the biggest growth in revenue coming from mobile players. The bookmaker reported that year-on-year revenues for mobile gaming had increased by as much as 298 percent from 2012 to 2013. Live casino games are available on mobile platforms but are not considered to be taking a significant part of the revenue composition.

Other companies saw lower yet dramatic rates of mobile growth. Paddy Power saw a 112 percent increase in mobile revenue last year, while Betfair reported that mobile activity had jumped 64 percent year-on-year. Bet365 said that half of its customers now came from mobile devices.

OddsWinner attributes the growth in mobile gaming to several factors, one of them being the higher smart phone usage in the UK, with data showing that over half of the population in the country owned a smart phone in 2013. In addition, the increasing market share of the mobile internet also means that more customers are now accessing gaming services through their mobile devices.

Another factor is the advance of smart phone technology which enables casinos to launch their own mobile betting sites and apps. Other factors include the rise in interest for in-play betting on sports, as well as more focused mobile-centric marketing campaigns by the major UK bookmakers.

“Smart phones can now deliver the services required to allow customers to bet on the move,” Sean Bowen, chief executive of Push Technology told OddsWinner in an interview. “We carry them everywhere and therefore can bet at anytime, anywhere. There are more people with mobiles than PCs.”

And while mobile gaming seems to be on the rise in the UK, another report by the UK Gambling Commission recently pointed to fewer residents gambling in 2013 than in 2012. The report however did not cover mobile gaming which looks set to continue its growth in the coming years.

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